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American Snowmobiler

American Snowmobiler
American Snowmobiler MagazineWe are featured in the current edition of  American Snowmobiler magazine. Go get yourself a copy of the magazine!

WYO., is not your typical guide company.
Cameron Carson Chimenti and his brother Brandon run the company full time in winter, but these guys also have found time to produce 7 full-feature sled videos under the name Ten High (B and C Productions).

Cameron, who is soft spoken, agrees quietly when we say we’re impressed with the extreme riding we saw him perform in the free-ride videos. He is quick to say though that his guide company works with ALL riding levels and experience. At 28, Cameron has 27+ years of riding experience, he tells us, first being carried on a sled at 6 months.

Cameron says 3C is different because its guides ask key questions of each client personally. The guides assess athletic levels, riding styles and more before they go out. That helps 3C guides set a base for where they want to take clients to ensure a good time.

“This is their vacation,” Cameron says. “I want them to get the most out of it and enjoy themselves.” He also has his own thoughts on riding clinics, “Why are all these people coming out with clinics?” he asks. “I have been teaching clients for years and do much of the same things that these “clinics” do. That is what a good guide is supposed to do, push the clients to learn new skills and help them get better. I teach all skill levels and whatever they would like to be able to do, we will help them get there. Whether it is climbing big chutes, sidehills, doing big jumps, or riding in the trees, it’s their time. We show people the little things to help them become self-sufficient and confident.”

Cameron is Avy1 trained and has gone above and beyond to be trained in many emergency and survival disciplines. Part of his job as a guide, he says, is to educate people in these areas.

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