We had a great time!

Just got this email from one of my groups and wanted to share it.

Over the years I have been riding the Togwotee area many times and I thought I had seen all there is to see.  I was wrong!  Cameron at 3C Guiding took us on an exciting ride to some areas I had never been to.  As he guided us, he was able to quickly get a feel for the riding ability of everyone in our group.  Since we had a very diverse group this was essential, and we enjoyed a day of moderate to technical riding which was what our group allowed.  In the afternoon a storm moved in and visibility became poor very quickly.  Cameron had no trouble at all leading us safely to lower elevation where we could enjoy the rest of our day.  Thanks 3C Guiding!  Our group will be back for sure!

Josh Skinner

Josh Skinner - Production and Development Manager at MotorFist


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