Wyoming Snowmobile Guide FAQ

This FAQ consists of questions we get asked all the time. Our experience as Wyoming snowmobile guides is unparalleled.

Q:   Do we need to bring lunch or drinks?

A: Yes, 3C does not provide food or drinks.  We will be in the backcountry all day and not near a Lodge for food or water.

Q: Do we need extra gas?

A: We do recommend having extra gas with your sled.  Most of the time the Guides have an extra gas can with them as well for emergencies.

Q: Should I have an extra belt for my sled?

A: Yes, we always recommend having an extra belt, as you never know when you may blow a belt.  If you are using a rental sled, always make sure it has an extra belt with it.

Q: What time do we start?

A: If you are staying in Laramie - we will meet at an agreed location at 8:00 AM ready to head up the mountain.  You will have our services until 4:30 PM.

A: If you are staying on the mountain – we will meet at an agreed location at 9:00 AM. You will have our services until 4:30 PM.

Q: How do you know what our location is on the mountain?

A: From years of riding the areas.  We have been riding the areas for most of our lives.

Q: What clothing do we wear?

A: You need to wear the best cold weather snowmobiling clothing possible with the outer layer being water proof.  Layering your clothing is the best.  Based on the weather conditions you can take off or put on layers.

Q: Do we need extra gloves and goggles?

A: We are riding in the Rocky Mountains.  We recommend having at least two sets of gloves with you at all times.  We recommend an additional set of goggles as well.

Q: Why don’t you have that?

A: We are a snowmobile guide not a baby sitter – you are responsible for your snowmobile, fuel, clothing, food, water, and anything else you will require on the ride.