Snowmobile Guide Requirements

Riding your snowmobile with a guide in Wyoming is only fun if you have all your gear.

When you come riding with 3C Guiding you will need a snowmobile, riding clothing which includes winter type boots, outer wear snow pants and coat,  at least 2 pairs of insulated gloves, helmet with shield or goggles. You will be riding in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming at elevations over 8000 feet.  Your clothing is one of the most important items on the trip.  If you are cold it does not make the trip very fun.

We require all riders to wear an avalanche beacon.  If you don’t have your own beacon, we have avalanche beacons available for rent at the rate of $15 a day per beacon.  You can pay for this when you arrive or an option will be available when you reserve a snowmobile guide.

Weather conditions are contently changing.  It might be sunny and warm or snowing and blowing so come prepared for anything and to have fun.